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Vintage Cake Stands

Vintage Fairytale grew from a love of China Cake Stands. After a visit to a high street store I realised that my actual passion was for Vintage China rather than expensive mass produced pottery.

The search began for Vintage China and our collection became extensive. We started to produce are lovely vintage china cake stands, vintage china trinket stands, teacup candles and our newest range to add to our collection; vintage teacup bird feeders and outdoor candle holders.

All our vintage china dates from 1890 throughout the different decades to the 70's.

Every piece is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or breakages. Although our china is very old we still pride ourselves and our collection being pieces of distinction.

Majority of our vintage china cake stands are individual and once sold we can not guarantee finding another one similar.

Taking afternoon tea to a whole new vintage style! Not only do people use our china stands for cake stands, we sell lots to all ages for tinker stands, jewellery stands, bedroom decoration or just a classic piece to add to your home.


Visit our gallery to see some of our vintage china cake stands or like our facebook page for more current pieces available.